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For the last month i have recorded my happy moments in a single sentence each day, the lovely Naomi over at Seven Cherubs had this great idea (thank you so much for hosting this lovely little link up). I am oh so happy i joined in!

It has been a wonderful way of highlighting what i appreciate in life: Relationships with all the people dear to me and food (hehe), food + friends/family/my love are the happiest days!!!

Here is my month of happy:

Day 1 – 10th April

I am happy for forgiveness and the weight that has been lifted off my shoulders by letting go of the anger and sadness.

Day 2 – 11th April

I love how positive I am feeling and it is so nice to finally be getting things done.

Day 3 – 12th April

I adore morning snuggles with my love, what a great start to the day.

Day 4 – 13th April

Wandered the city on my lunch break, it was so nice to just be, look around and take in the world.

Day 5 – 14th April

My camera is making me so happy and I am loving photography.

Day 6 – 15th April

Dinner date and a catch up, I love my friends.

Day 7 – 16th April

Memories of dad: they make me sad and happy at the same time... I am grateful that I have them to think about... to remember how much he loved me.... and to remember what a great man he was.

Day 8 - 17th April

Happiness is: Vegemite on toast with my love.... and watching Wizz, Cos and Pen run crazy like around the house.

Day 9 – 18th April

Today I much love the people in my life that can get over the little shit, and see through the weird/strange/rude/depressed/not so great moods i have been in lately.... stress and anxiety can do strange things to a woman (lucky my assignments got handed in today....YAY).

Day 10 – 19th April

Coffee with my cousin before she leaves the county for ages.... can’t wait to visit you in Japan... i am so excited for November and adventures!

Day 11 – 20th April

Thai Red Curry...... how we enjoyed you... a delicious first attempt.

Day 12 – 21st April

First day of holidays... so happy

Day 13 – 22nd April

Road trip home for a few nights (me, my love and the dogs)... can’t wait to see Ma and my nephews.

Day 14 – 23rd April

Playing with my little nephews, they fight over sitting on my knee... so precious being loved by them.

Day 15 – 24th April

Sunshine and serenity, how I love the country....

Day 16 – 25th April

Bbq, a few wines and friends.

Day 17 – 26th April

New hair, red and SHORT... i am feeling very fresh.

Day 18 – 27th April

Today happiness is: dumpling lunch date with a lovely lady and an evening dog walk with my bro.

Day 19 – 28th April

Hmmmmm..... my fresh ham and homemade pickles sandwich has been the nicest, happiest moment today.

Day 20 – 29th April

Date night with my love, saw an amazing band... a perfect night with my favourite person in the world

Day 21 – 30th April

Lunch date with fabulous women, how I miss those ladies... they are wonderful company.

Day 22 – 1st May

Getting things done... finished a lesson for Tuesday (way earlier than normal!)

Day 23 – 2nd May

Why hello dear meatballs...... you were so tasty!

Day 24 – 3rd May

A beautiful send off for a lovely lady.....forever in my heart...... not a happy day....more a day to celebrate a life that was.

Day 25 – 4th May

Postcard in the mail!... how i love getting hand written surprises.

Day 26 – 5th May

I finished my marking!!!!

Day 27 – 6th May

Friends (and dumplings) = Happy

Day 28 – 7th May

Dinner date with some very special peeps... i can’t wait for a big glass of wine

Day 29 – 8th May

Lovely family lunch... laughter and great company

Day 30 – 9th May

Homemade pizza by my love... its bliss not having to cook dinner

Day 31 – 10th May

Year 11 camp - The extraordinary spirit of Michelle Newland... she moved me so much and made me truly thankful for my life and the opportunities i have every day.... i am so happy she has the courage to share her inspirational story.

Hope you are having a very happy day

xx a


Kellie said...

LOL!! Love the food moments! I LOVE food too. Definitely makes me happy. ;) I also enjoyed your little moments - sunshine, friends and new hairdos!!! :)

Naomi said...

Oh my! you so had me at your first sentence on your first day. How wonderful that you have been released from this burden and were free to feel more happiness for the rest of the month. We so share a love of thai red curry yummo! Thanks so much for taking part. Naomi x

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