my story

Attempt two at filling in this space.

WHO - A twenty something Mumma of two dogs. Scientist. Student teacher.

WHAT - My blog has become somewhat of a photo diary, but i do like to ramble occasionally.

WHERE - Crappy weatherboard home with my baby bro. Northern suburbs of Melbourne. We have a giant lemon tree.

WHEN - Today, sometimes yesterday and tomorrow.

LOVE - My love is amazing. I never thought i could love another so much. He makes everyday brighter and happier. We laugh a lot and have a thousand pet names for each other... (spew material). I adore him.

LIFE - Plodding along at the moment. Taking each day as it comes. I really can not wait to finish this Graduate Diploma of Education.

HOPE - I have huge plans. I hope for a lot... kids, commitment, house and seeing the world. Happiness, health and contentment are things i hope for daily.

NERD - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology are my thing. DNA and enzymes you amaze me.

ADORE - I love this word, just wanted to put it on the list.

SERENITY - I like to read biographies Shantaram is my all time favourite book. Live music. Taking photos. Daydreaming on the train.

Some photos i love. Taken by me.

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THERESA S said...

BEAUUUtiful photos!

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