home sweet home

I had a wonderful time at home.  My nephews are adorable, the country air is clean, ma looks after me and its so very peaceful.  I ate way to much food (mas fridge and pantry are bursting at the seems), wasted time lazing around, but i surely did need it.  I am feeling very refreshed.  The thing about home is that its the only home of my life, one house for the 28 years i have been living.  Ma and Pa built it a few years before i was born.  My Nan and Aunty's live down the road, the Primary School I spent years at is there, the paddocks we played in are there, pretty much everything is mostly the same.  

Coming back to Melbourne is a love/hate affair.... Back to reality...  And homework, and marking, and to do lists......  Oh well... It was so lovely to escape and just be. Here are some happy snaps of my trip home sweet home.   

These are my sweet little nephews, Jye and Bailey.  I got them wooden race cars to put together and paint. 

boys playing racing cars

Poor Ma had four dogs in the backyard.  They had a ball playing together.
We have Penny, Sir Reg, Cosbe and Jet

Walking to visit Nan.  Lindenow South is a tiny town.
This is the only road that runs through it, Main Road... hehe

A pretty little dam

Two little ducks on a not so pretty dam

these red bulls have been on top of my Nans fridge for as long as i can remember

Memories and familiar, that is why I love home.


Anonymous said...

this post is making me miss my home heaps!
oh I can't wait to see my ma n fill my tummy with her cooking...

lovely piccies from your home
I esp adore the one with boys
Lighting in that is so pretty!

xxx from the Gyoza maker

amberlee said...

oh Gyoza maker how i love your comments!

hope you get lots of lovely ma cooking at home xxxx

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