much love monday

My aunty made this.
She has cute handmade things all over her house

today i am in love with

- looking through these wonderful notebookdoodles, they are absolutely adorable and make me smile a whole heap
- wonderful handmade things on etsy, especial this locket and this brooch
- the joy my family gave me when i was home on the weekend
- extra long weekends.... it is pretty amazing that i still have two days of my weekend left! yay oh yay

for more love have a look @ muchlove-anna


Hey Harriet said...

How cute! Visiting your aunty must be a joy :)

Lee said...

I'd love to know what your Auntie made her picture out of - it looks sweet :)

Lee x

amberlee said...

thanks ladies, i will pass the compliments on to my aunty, i think she makes them out of fimo clay with a varnish over the top. x a

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