Number 33. I am still doing my number project.... just very slowly. I am very determined to get to 90. Yes, I am still smoke free!

I have been thinking about the monday mantra i posted yesterday. I really want to believe it and put it into action, but my mind is screaming stressed.

I need to remind myself of the blessed part:

- i am healthy
- i have a wonderful relationship with my love
- i have a precious family
- i have amazing friends
- i can pay my rent and bills (this month)
- i have food in the fridge and a bed to sleep in every night

I am very blessed!

Which reminds me of some less fortunate, a few weeks ago i decided to host a Hope Month dinner/drinks to raise money for the homeless in Australia. All you have to do is have a little gathering and provide some food. I am asking for $10 to come along, and a donation from the busy people!

Here is my link if you want to see what its all about.

If you have some free time and a few girlfriends maybe you could host one too??

Every little bit helps, love love a xx

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