i love the survivor final (every season i get sucked in!), rosehip tea, homemade dinner deliveries from my loves ma and my electric blanket

i admire people that believe in themselves

i dislike all things uni related, essays, reflections, journal articles and group assignments

i want to achieve completing the remainder of the semester without a mental breakdown

i am reading my placement reflections and assessment criteria

i am craving some exercise (very weird for me)i am so sick of sitting at my desk

i want to change heaps of things, all related to the previously mentioned uni.... I just want more time and some clarity regarding what these assignments actually are asking me....

i want for tomorrow to walk the dogs, get some washing done(please dont rain), a clear head and a good start on at least one of my assignments. (i wish i didn't have to work)

i want forever hmmmmm this is always the hardest to fill in. honesty from the people i love

i am happy that i had dinner with two wonderful ladies, it was so nice to get out of the house and enjoy some beloved dumplings and a delicious lychee soda. Yum!

p.s i changed my little 'i' picture... i think the other one was a little depressing looking...

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