view from my loves front yard... industrial area...
this pic makes it look unusually pretty

I have had a very cloudy mind all day, its a horrible feeling. Everything takes extra effort. I am blaming my two big weeks of placement, however it could have been the two bottles of wine i drank Saturday night (opps... my bad!) which resulted in a dreadful hangover yesterday... and has somehow managed to pass over into Monday... how rude!

Dear brain and body,

Please be fully functional tomorrow.
In return i promise not to poison you again (this week).

Much love,



Anika said...

Whoa! 2 bottles?! ;)

Love the note to yourself. So glad to find your blog...i love it! Look forward to reading more!!

rosieposie said...

urgh i hate it when you feel like that. really spaced out and in a world of your own!!

jody said...

I hate it when that happens! I hope tomorrow is a better day :)

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