my monday mantra

This week and its enormous 'to do list' is stressing me out a little, and its only monday! So this week i am making this my mantra. I have so much to be thankful for and stress is ugly.... it does strange things to me.... irrational and crazy pop into my head... like i said... ugly.

Stress be gone this week.... please

P.S i have joined this wonderful project 'liberate your art' over @ Kat Eye View . Its an art swap via postcards! FUN FUN FUN. If you want to join (i highly recommended) you better get over quick and sign up (closes June 4th).


jody said...

That is a great mantra to live by. I hope the week goes smoothly for you! x

rosieposie said...

oh i love this mantra, and also the idea of the postcard swap. going to go and sign up this second :-)

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