still beautiful

i took this photo on the day of a dear, sweet ladies last goodbye. 
i keep looking at it and i love how it signifies life and death. 
the one dying bloom is still beautiful, still important and standing tall in the center. 
the living vibrant yellow surrounds a life that is now fragile, a life that sadly must end. 

i find myself thinking about her often, i was very found of my adopted Nan.
i remember with a smile, and gratitude for having been able to love and adore this woman.
she had a precious heart and a beautiful soul.

so very grateful i got the chance to share a tiny slice of your life



Maxabella said...

Just. so. lovely. x

Lyndall said...

What a lovely photo, and such a poignant meaning ♥

Katerina said...

Your words brought tears to my eyes.
I just keep remembering the words of her eulogist "that the extent of our grief is simply a measure of our love"
I hang onto that… smallest of silver linings xo

urban muser said...

what a lovely post. sorry to hear of your loss...

B. said...

Jolie photo (:

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