A few iphone snaps around my back yard.  Grey skies, bare branches and Camellias.

I can never choose an image size... large or x-large, that is the questions. Every time i put a post together i change image size and view, change image size and view, change image size and view....  This is x-large and mostly it wins. Are they too big?

Taken with the iPhone Cross-process app.  I have been obsessed with it of late.

Linking up with Pasando.  Have a look for more phone photo love.


urban muser said...

great shots. i am a big fan of the XL size. the bigger the better!

kate said...

this size fits your blog perfectly. stick with it. lovely photos.

Anika said...

Having trouble commenting...hoping this one sticks!

I wanted to tell you how I love the mood these images create together. You are right- very winter-y.

I am a fan of extra large-it's all about the images for me.

Always enjoy stopping by here! Beautiful!

georgi hampton said...

i love the second one down. it's gorgeous! thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comment. hope you don't mind a new follower! x

Karen said...

you take such great iphone photos :) this size is perfect! i hope you're having a good week


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