missed you

Taken at my Mumma's house

I am back in Melbourne after a few days in country New South Wales.  I wish my trip was under better circumstances... I am drained. My body is aching.  When did i get so precious and easily damaged?  I used to cope with life so much better. 

It was an 11 hour trip (train - train - car) to get there and an 8 hour car drive home.  Long days.  

Now i am home after 3 weeks with Ma and this weeks trip. My almost a month absence from home/work/uni/blog/life is hitting me.  I am so behind.  I have so much to do... the weight of it all is crushing me into little pieces of dark and twisted not coping very well Amber.

Ahhhh.  Tomorrow is a new day.

Happy news. I did a post weeks ago with a sketch my love did for the 'love is here' exhibition. Not sure if i mentioned it but they choose his design!  And the opening night is tomorrow night.  My loves beautiful art is going to be hanging on a giant wall for hundreds of people to see.  I am so PROUD of him. 

I will be taking an array of cameras, so prepare to be bombarded with photos! If you are in Melbourne and not doing much tomorrow night, come find me i will be hanging out here having a few beers.

It's nice to be back dear blogger friends, i have missed reading your posts. 

xx a

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