More street art

More street art.  I am a little obsessed with it lately. I love all the different styles: tags, stencils, posters and pieces.  I would love to do some stencils myself.  Its on my ever growing 'to do list'.

I found these in and around the lane ways of Fitzroy. I also visited the lovely Rose street market.  My love bought me a beautiful Japanese print from 1830.  It has gone into the 'to be framed' pile....  so sad.
I wish i had the money to develop my rolls of film, or the time to edit my digital photos.... sigh.  There is always next week.  I am really feeling the pressure of life being so busy, i wish i could take a break from the things i have to do and spend weeks doing all the things i want to do.  Or maybe i just need a better work-life-uni balance...  Working on that next week too..  hehe

My Mum always said 'do not put off til tomorrow what you could do today'.  I should start taking her advice.

Wow.  What a huge random post this has turned out to be... I will be away for a few days.  Tomorrow i am taking a 9 hour train ride to rural New South Wales to be with a dear friend.

Love. Love. a


jody said...

your mum sounds very wise. have a nice break away with your friend. x

katsicles said...

All my love to Karley. Be strong my love xx

rosieposie said...

sometimes i get a bit overwhelmed with how few hours there are in the day to do everything i want too :-/ this street art is great though, i love stumbling across gems like these when you're not expecting it! x

elin u. eden said...

i like your photos easily, the duck is so cute (;


Alli said...

I love Fitzroy, the Rose Street Markets are the best x

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