Monday on a Wednesday

I was going to skip Much Love Monday this week.... but the link is still open and i need to think about some love.  Its all doom and gloom in my little head this morning.

I thought i would share a little link that is giving me and others love via a smile.

Smiles are so wonderful, and how perfect to share them with a stranger.  To show someone you don't know a little bit of recognition, a little bit of love and happiness.

The world would be so much brighter with more smiles.

 Smile at a stranger today

I am going to join this project with a few photos next week.  I love taking photos with a purpose.

Linking up with muchlove.

Happy Monday on a Wednesday

xx a

P.S I had planned to do a big thank-you post with this image but i couldn't find another heart... So just a little added thank you to my fellow bloggers and random visitors.  Thank for your comments and emails, you are wonderful.



urban muser said...

yay! so glad you are going to join my project. i hope you'll put photos of your "smile" notes in my flickr group so I can share them on the posterous site :) thanks for the shout out.

katsicles said...

Oooh I love this idea.
I often smile at strangers and wonder if i'm considered the crazy lady that doesn't know her boundaries hehe.

Would love to leave some little post its with that msg laying around and just wait to see what happens.
- See you 2nite
p.s I many smiles just waiting to be shared with you xx

Lyndall said...

I hope you feel better soon. Take care of yourself ♥

jody said...

big smile :)
i hope you shook that doom and gloom this afternoon. x

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