my print

I love and adore this print i got on ebay. I am slightly obsessed with vintage ballerinas lately.  I would love a wall covered in prints like this one. Its old and cracked a little at the edges but to me its perfect.

I have heaps of new pictures to share but i need to put them on my laptop....  I am time poor this week.  Next week will be better, i need a plan. Is it a sign of addiction that i am going to factor blogging time into my weekly schedule?  Yep a weekly schedule, how organised of me! I need to stay on top this semester.  For some reason when i work and study at home.... i get NOTHING done.  Just oddles of procrastination, house work and sometimes i even bake to avoid sitting at my desk.

I can be organised. I just need to keep telling myself that.


katsicles said...

Love your print too hun. These shots are great.

You wouldn't be the only person a little too attached to their blog.
Today I had 3hrs between clients and rather than go for a jog I chose to sit at my laptop editing pics, posting them and commenting on almost every blog I follow.
You have officially created a monster haha

But at least you're being responsible and creating a plan. I could take a leaf out of your book ; )

rosieposie said...

lists and schedules really work wonders. i also schedule blog posts in advance sometimes :-)

i love ballerinas. i did ballet from the age of 2-20 and i miss it now. your print is just beautiful.

today is a better day for me thanks, glad you are doing a bit better too


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