much love monday


- Mogwai. Especially this song. AMAZING. Yep i am screaming it, oh so much love for this song.

- Mad Men. Me and my love watched 6 episodes over the weekend. I love the fifties & sixties. Handsome men and glamorous women all over the place. And smoking in elevators, cafe, trains... pretty much everywhere. Life was so different.

- Drunken conversations about love, life, beauty and sadness..... Followed by a lazy hung over day with my love, just being close to him makes me feel better.

- my new bed side table, complete with heart shaped Himalayan rock salt (pictured above). Not sure if it is doing anything.... but it looks pretty. The other thing (i think it's a lama??) my friend got me from a witch doctor in Peru, apparently it will bring me vitality and fertility. Fingers crossed!

 vi·tal·i·ty - The state of being strong and active (it is so sad that i had to goggle define this...)

Love love a 

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katsicles said...

So sad to have missed out on those rambles but I hope to make up for it soon.
Love your new bedside additions. Let us know how they go.
Wishing you love, vitality & virility hehehe (there's another one to look up ;))

katsicles said...
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katsicles said...

p.s. Such a beautiful tune. Thank you for sharing the love on this rainy Much Love Monday x

georgi hampton said...

LOVE mad men! x

jody said...

Love your loves.. especially drunken chats and a lazy hungover day with your love.. don't really get to do that much any more with the little ones {lazy day that is!}
Have a good week! x

Anika said...

I love this image so much! I like Mogwai too and still haven't ever seen Mad Men! Good luck with the HRSalt...i'm intrigued ;)

steph said...

i love spending a lazy day with my love too... sometimes, it just feels great to be doing nothing at all! right? :)

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