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i love that tomorrow is my hope party.   I feel so blessed to have the wonderful support of my dearest friends and a few random people.  I have raised $180 so far. The other day I received a donation from an anonymous person: 

"I guess I sometimes forget how lucky I am that I don't have to worry about where I'm going to sleep tonight or where my next meal will come from. Sometimes I forget and I say things in the moment that. It isn't until later that I realise and I remember that not everyone is as lucky as I am. I hope this can help people who need it more than I do." 30th May 2011

Thank you so much, whoever you are.  I greatly appreciate it. It made my day, I could not stop smiling for ages x

i admire people that are organised. 

i dislike my chilblains. ouch.  they hurt. 

i want to achieve all the things i put on my big life/thoughts/living list the other day.  Its too big to reapeat again.  I currently have only crossed off two episodes of Grey's Anatomy (they were wonderful).  

i am reading my stuents reports, assignments and exams.

i am craving a big breakfast complete with poached eggs, bacon, hash browns and mushrooms.  Yum

i want to change my productivity.  Today i can and i will get everything done.   

i want for tomorrow hope party happiness 

i want forever wonderful memories

i am grateful for personal reflection, for the sun shining and for the truth of the words in the quote above.

p.s thanks so much for the comments on my thoughts the other day xx

Just wanted to share:
I think i am a little emotional today.  This blog made me so sad and happy at the same time.  What a brave and amazing little girl. 


katerina-83 said...

Wow Ambs, where do you find all these amazing and inspirational people? What a gorgeous young lady. Makes me put so many things back into perspective.
Thank you for being such an inspiration yourself xox

rosieposie said...

such a true quote! i love your posts, they're often reflective, which is basically how i am all the time!! x

Lyndall said...

Such a lovely post!

I'm so amazed by that brave young girl, it's so nice that she is inspiring so many people <3

kat said...

Hi Amber, 'hope' your hope meal goes well today....what a fab idea to raise funds for homeless people.
Also i saw Alice's bucket list and was also so touched by her story and bravery.
kat x

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