I am SO terribly overwhelmed with all the things/projects/living i wish to do in my uni holidays.  Everything is swirling around in my head. All the wonderful creations and craftiness i see around this wonderful blog world, the more things i want to try, explore and potentially be very passionate about.  

I think i am in a little bit of a 'not sure where i fit' phase. So to try and sort out where i fit i am going to dabble in everything for a few weeks and then see which is most me.  Which one makes me the happiest.  Which one makes me the most inspired.  

So things/life/living time peoples, i want to:

★ finish my numbers project (i am currently at #34. So 56 numbers to go, wowzers)
★ print some photos 
★ get creative with some scrapbooks 
★ make homemade cards
★ write letters on cards and post them to dearest peoples 
★ purchase a plastic camera
★ buy film for my new Polaroid camera 
★ go on a location photo shoot 
★ cook more and take pretty photos of the process (weird, i used to loath food photos)
★ get the sewing machine out ma gave me 
★ try to learn how to use the sewing machine ma gave me 
★ make some cushion covers when i learn to sew 
★ visit the botanical gardens
★ read my bookclub book - the slap
★ start Zumba classes
★ investigate for my japan trip in October
★ catch up on Greys anatomy (do not judge me please but i just love it)
★ spend time with my friends just because
★ surprise a few people because the are so wonderful and i appreciate them 
★ treat myself to a little me time, or a little me shopping 
★ visit the new Diaso store and get me some Japanese loveliness for $2.80

oh dear what a huge list this has become, and i could keep going...  three weeks might not be long enough.


Neus said...

Thank you for the facebook "I like" Amber!! Be sure that if you have a facebook in the future I'll follow you!
I think that as I have more work(study work mostly)I more creative ideas I have!! I can't wait for being in July and do more creative crafts!!

Are you going to Japan?? Wowww lucky girl!!

Penny said...

i first heard of Zumba classes when i came to UK but there is sth in this name that makes me want to start as well!!

Alli said...

No judgement about Grey's Anatomy, I love it too!!

urban muser said...

totally hear you. i have so many projects rolling around in my head now that sometimes it overwhelms me! and being crafty is supposed to be fun, not anxiety-provoking, right?

your list is ambitious, so many good things on there. good luck!

Lyndall said...

These are all very good projects! (Trashy tv shows included... I am addicted to '16 and Pregnant' so I can't judge!). Ooh, Japan trip! So exciting! I wish we had a Daiso store here, I saw one from the tram when I was in Melbourne but didn't have time to investigate.

I always found myself really inspired to do lots of fun things when I was studying for my exams... funny how that happens!

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