day 2

two whole non smoking days
yay me

day two is so, so
i must say i feel terribly irritable and snappy
and i feel sad with myself that i haven't done it sooner, how did i end up 28 and still smoking!!!  

a little bit more info about my numbers project 
hopefully it will give me something else to focus on while i am quitting smoking
the reasoning behind photographing numbers is that i have this little
90 day quit smoking diary
it is full of tips and facts and you can keep track of how much money you save
i love filling in the smoke free days box
so i was thinking i will take 90 photos of numbers 1-90 to remind myself of how far i have come
and to keep myself occupied

i like my number two
its in the grass out the front of the house

i have bookclub tonight!
pretty excited to be back to geek land with my book loving nerdy friends
my suggestion is Catcher in The Rhy by J. D. Salinger

happy Friday dear people x

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