day 3

i had such a lovely day with my girls 
we met up early (11 he he) and went to the finders keepers market
so many adorable things to look at

i got myself a beautiful print from Emma Leonard
ate a yummy chicken kebab and orange cupcake
took a few pictures

walked around the city
drank a nice coffee
admired a Diana mini @ fat in GPO
and dreamed about owning some of the prints in OutrĂ© gallery 

and all without a cigarette!!!!  

but today has been one of the most challenging days
it feels like every minute i am resisting the urge to puff away

ho hum

and i feel a bit sad
not depressed sad but sad enough to shed a little tear
my wonderful morning was followed by a blah afternoon
how can my mood turn around so quickly...
uni and my histo class are looming over my head
i have 3 weeks to get two big assignments done
and i haven't done the readings yet..... stressful!!!!!!!!!

i need a spoonful of Milo

i am not that happy with my 3 pic
the natural light disappeared before i got a chance to take it
the three is made of the business cards i picked up at the market
and little pen pen got in my shot

now its time to be productive.... or sit on the couch... ?  
i am thinking option two 
night dear everyone x

1 comment:

Maxabella said...

I know this day was a while ago, but I just wanted to let you know that days like that are just so draining! I do try to remember that 'this too shall pass', especially when the only reasonable explanation for being blue somedays is the very unreasonable nature of HORMONES! Ah, it is what it is.

Love your business card '3' too. x

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