day 4

a whole 4 days of not smoking
i am so proud of myself

today was a massive struggle (again)

i had a big fat greek lunch
so divine
pita, meat galore, chicken wings, roast potatoes, potato salad,
chicken rice,peppers, home made wine... then dessert.  
syrup soaked goodness and a cheesecake shop cheesecake!  

one of my all time favourite cigarette times is/was after a big meal

so i went outside and took a few photos of Mr Michael's wonderful veggie garden
hot peppers, sweet peppers, chilli death balls, tomatoes, corn
it was the most organised, well maintained crop i have ever seen
i will post them tomorrow or the next day 

and the craving sort of went away for a few minutes

photography is becoming a bit of an obsession
at least it is healthier than smoking 

and lastly a shadow shot sunday pic

i love looking through the shadow gallery
over @ heyharriet
and its a nice challege to try and find a good shadow  

 i love this old clothes line
(Mr Micheal's veggie patch is just out of shot on the right)

i just realised my 4 has a little shadow too
i made it out of some daisy petals just before the sun set

i have a big week coming up
must rest
i am still so full from lunch and its almost bed time
i massively over ate... opps
night lovelies x


Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Wow! I keep my fingers X for you on stop smoking. Greatness...

Love both your pix.

Happy SSS...

Miss Becky said...

I commend you on your strength and courage. a good friend of mine quit almost nine months ago now, and he still has cravings only they have gotten much less intense. I quit almost 20 years ago and it's a challenge but one that can be overcome. one word of caution - try to avoid over-eating because if you put on some extra pounds, it will make you want to return to smoking even more :)
I love your shadow shot image. it's full of hope. and the clothes line photo is perfect. happy SSS, and I'm hoping your coming week is filled with easy fun.

Hey Harriet said...

Both such lovely shadow shots! Congrats on giving up smoking! Good for you! I wish you all the best with it! Thanks so much for joining in Shadow Shot Sunday :)

amberlee said...

thanks for the encouragement and nice words lovely people

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