much love monday

lots of love for:

♥ ❤ ❥ my gas heater -  you have made late study nights so much more bearable 
♥ ❤ ❥ freshly sliced ham and swiss cheese
♥ ❤ ❥ uni holidays
♥ ❤ ❥ inspiration to get artsy and crafty
♥ ❤ ❥ this photographer
♥ ❤ ❥ these undies (wish my bum looked like this)
♥ ❤ ❥ these colours and photos

linking up with muchlove-anna 


Clare B said...

The blue in your last link reminds me of the sea. Beautiful! And thanks for the link to Mutlicolr Search Lab, think I might spend a bit more time pottering about there!

Penny said...

multicolr search lab link is fantastic!i' ve already spent 15minutes there and i think there are more to follow! :)
ps) congrats for finishing the semester!aren't the first days after that simply the best? so much time, no worries... have a great week!

urban muser said...

wow, that photog you linked to is awesome. happy monday!

CrystaL* said...

The site of that last link is great! I am going to have to snoop around there a bit more. Love your Much Love Monday list and photo. I hope you have a wonderfully creative and productive week.
Much Love,

yours truly. said...

The first four have been my week COMPLETELY! Yay for uni holidays and the time to do things for fun, and for heaters and ham sandwiches to help with the study blues :)



Gabrielle said...

<3 my bag is Marc Jacobs!


rosieposie said...

i love this post so much ~ it's such an optimistic way to start you week :-)

Lyndall said...

I love these posts!

I think I'm ready to propse to my heater, it's so nice to sit beside. Mana (our cat) and I fight for the best space in front of it!

I hope you have fun in your holidays!

Anonymous said...

thats so cute!

Meleonieeee - ♥ said...

Awww, cute post! :D OH, heaters are truely amazing! I've got quite an attachment to the heating in our house! Heheh.
♡ Meleonie.

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