beyond wonderful

Today is a wonderful day.

My assessments are submitted, semester 1 is officially over and i could not be happier.  I honestly thought i was going to fail this semester.  I struggled to keep the work, life, uni balance.  Next semester I will keep on top of it... (i say that every semester, fingers crossed it happens this time).

My sad Polaroid camera story has a happy ending... My dearest, amazing, sweetest ma found hers from when i was a baby! I am so excited to be the proud owner of a Polaroid Land 1000.  Yay.  Impossible project here i come. Thank goodness ma has a slight hoarding problem.

So i mentioned that i was done with ebay... I lied.  I bought an amazing vintage print, for $15.75! Lets hope it arrives safely.  This is the last chance eBay, do me proud.

I got my good camera out yesterday, she was very happy to see the light of day.  My iPhone love is getting a bit tiresome.  She does a great job but its just not the same.

I have been editing.  I think sometimes i go a little far.  Oh well experimenting with these lovelies.  The sun was in the wrong position to get a great shot of the wall my love painted with his mates, but i took some anyway.  Heading back for proper photos tomorrow morning, nice and early to get the rising sun.  

This is the best Monday ever.

xx a

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Lyndall said...

I love the colours in these photos! And I'm so glad your polaroid story has a happy ending now :)

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