I de-followed a few blogs the other day...  I was following 132.  How did that happen?  The follow back, the follow on a whim, the follow after reading one post.  It was hard to un-follow.  I felt so guilty.  But then this morning i saw that i was down one little follower, and thats ok.  I am so fine with it.

I have been way too caught up in the whole following business, the stats and checking comments.  Obsessed comes to mind.....

To be honest its draining, not productive and a little bit weird.

So today i an changing it up, this space is becoming about me again, about my inspirations, my thoughts, my attempts at photography and crafty stuff.

Its just about me.  Selfish and indulgent....? Yep.  But its the honest truth.  I really hope you still read me because i do LOVE your comments, its just not going to be what drives me anymore.

Ahhhh i feel so much better after sharing that.

love love xx

EDIT: i am having a slight feeling of deleting this post....   the stats checker, and pleaser in me is creeping back.... the urge has passed.... just.


Marta said...

I think it's better to follow fewer blogs but that you truly love. Our interests change and maybe someone was really interesting for us in the past, but we don't connect with them anymore. What happens with the follow thing it's the same in real life!
Maybe it will be more interesting to see the deepest "you", what you think and what you do :)
Take care, xo

Lyndall said...

I do the same thing. Sometimes I add blogs to my reader and then find I am always skipping over their posts so I unsubscribe. Mostly they are 'big' blogs so I doubt they miss me!

I think the trick with blogging is to write about what makes you happy, and people will enjoy that because it's coming from the heart :)

Blackbird Corner said...

I'm pretty sporadic in my Blog reading (and writing!)
I do tend to follow some that follow mine but not all! There are only so many hours in the day & if I read all of them daily AND wrote on mine daily I'd get nothing done!
I thing blogs are meant to be a tad self indulgent really...I'm always surprised that anyone reads mine.
I don't know how I found yours but I do read it when I see you've posted something new!
And I don't know or mind if you follow mine.

kat said...

I agree with Marta above,and it's always best to follow what you love. Blogging needs to be fun not about obligation. Those that care understand, and please don't delete your reflective post here.
All the best, Kat

Penny said...

I agree with Lyndall. I used to do the same-mostly because I had a profile in Blogger before I made a blog (i think it is very easy to fall in this trap, at least for me) so now I m following some sort of watchlist!i watch the blog I want to follow for maybe some posts time and when I realise that it is inspiring to me I follow ;) ok now, this may have sounded even weirder! :D

urban muser said...

i think it's good that you got this out :) your blog should be happy place, so do what's right for you!

jody said...

I have to agree with all the above. I often feel vain when i look at my blog, it is all about me, and nothing else in my life is like that.
Look forward to reading more you.

Alli said...

Your blog should be about you & the things you like, otherwise it's not going to be a place where you want to be. It is so hard not to get caught up in the stats etc. & I find myself following way to many blogs. It's ok to cull!

rosieposie said...

oh i completely agree ~ i hate the comments 'follow my blog and i'll follow yours' because those people will never even follow my blog again. it isn't how many readers we have, but how much the ones we do have read our blog! i admire you for defollowing...i might follow suit! x

Anika said...

Agreed! This is why I don't facebook...it's way to like this like that for me...I gotta keep things comfy or I feel rotten! Keep it real, so to speak...there's a lot to that.

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