grateful for...

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This week i am grateful for:

Mums - They are amazing for a million reasons.

Skinny Cow - I never thought i would enjoy a low calorie ice cream, i was so wrong. Double Choc sundae you were delicious!

Grey's anatomy - Yes... it is a corny hospital drama but i love it.  I watch it with a dear friend of mine (she records it every week) and i cry and gasp and get all emotional.  And it does have amazingly beautiful men to look at!  Dr Avery you are one very handsome man (look here for visuals...)

Perspective - Terrible things happen every day but good things happen every day too. Death and birth.  Life is a balance between the good and the bad.  I just hope and pray that i don't get much more bad for a while.  Fingers crossed for good times ahead.  I have to keep being me and not let the bad weigh me down.  Life is for living.

for more grateful posts have a look at maxabella loves


Georgie said...

I was only eating ice-cream last night thinking I should stop, or at least cut down, my rather high consumption. To think there is a good low cal option out there, then I'm grateful I found your blog! gxo

Kate said...

Love your gratefuls, and love your attitude!

cjtato said...

What a great post! I love Grey's too.

Popped over from Maxabella's. :D

kasiabear said...

great list!!
i'm loving pinterest too at the moment..

jody said...

glad i found your blog through maxabella loves! i'm loving pinterest too at the moment!
Happy Mothers Day!

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