I have re-activated my facebook account... and thought I would do a little pros and cons list:

- meaningful updates about my friends lives
- it is so easy to invite people to events
- special fb user discounts
- great links people share
- the funny status updates
- the thoughtful status updates
- drainer friends can be held at an arms length

- there are way to many updates related to crap i dont care about eg. i am bored.... well do something
- repetitive people... please come up with something new to post about eg. my baby is 6 weeks old.... my baby is 7 weeks old
- the downers that only have negative crap to post about, this also includes the complainers... eg. i hate work
- links and invites to spam and terrible fb apps/games/pages
- people that update every half hour
- pregnancy ultrasounds weird me out... let the baby breath before you put it on fb (ok..... i get the excitement thing and wanting so share with the world.... but really... still weird)
- what happens when someone passes away???  Forever eternal on fb??
- lots of these people are not even my 'friends'
- it wastes so much of my time
- people share way too much, you need to keep some things personal

OK... i must confess.... this post is all going towards one point..... i entered a facebook competition!  A big pro is that i can access things and information that i would never normally be exposed too.  Like this 'i love you' comp.

These are the three photos i entered... the link will take you to the facebook page where 'likes' are being used to indicate shortlisted entries...

link is here

link is here

link is here

Happy weekend dear people

xx a

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