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Is wowzers even a word? Oh well..... i like it.

I have slowed way down on posting... its horrible being busy.  Or perhaps i am not so skilled with time management...  It is really annoying me that it is dark at 6pm, and it is getting so cold in Melbourne town.  I am so sad to say that my numbers project is dying... this weekend i better revive it.  It is day 44.... i am 12 numbers behind!

In other news, i re-opened my facebook account so i could join pinterest!!! This is my link.... i have not established anything yet but it looks like it will be pretty amazing.  I think i can invite people...  Just let me know lovelies! Yay i have an account but it also means facbook is back in my life, it seem i cant avoid it.  Oh well the break was nice.. i can live without it...(for a week... hehe)

I entered a competition today.... so not like me.  But i felt the urge so i went with it.  Hopefully my submission gets accepted and them you can all go vote for it... hehehe (little bit cheeky).

Some flickr love... shawara 'touch the sky' (i cant add it... but it is so cute)

EDIT: here is my submission 'i love you' 
would be lovely if you could have a little look 
and if you 'like it' do the click thing

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