day 12

day 12 
goodness me i am doing it!  
i am succeeding at quiting smoking so far
the cravings are less, i am not as cranky 
and i am not eating a huge amount of food today
things seem pretty normal but just without the 
stinky little cigarettes 

my essay is coming along nicely
i have let the hate go 
it is my choice to be back at uni 
and it is my future that i am bettering
so i need to stop with the bitterness 
no one else is going to do my assignments for me 
suck it up ambs! 

 you can do it
smell the roses
life is ok
just a little busy and a bit full on
you are going to make it through this year

(self pep blog posts are very beneficial, 
i feel so much better and capable)  

my 12 was snapped the other day just because i saw it
 its not very pretty but i don't have time to do a new one
I do like the red bricks 

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