much love monday

a little bit of graffiti i found when taking a walk with my lovely 

Today i much love that it is Monday:
- A fresh week to get my head around finishing my assignments
- A new week to (maybe) start taking zumba classes or at least look into the where and when of some classes
- A week full of possibilities to get some things done that i keep putting off

beautiful tomatoes from my ma 

I also much love my new camera (Panasonic DMC-FZ35), especially experimenting with the functions.  I very much love the pinhole setting!

I much love my blog, it has helped me create a nice little place to put the things i adore and it has given me something to stimulate my creative side.

trapped balloons

Happy much love monday xxx

More much love over at the adorable muchlove


Anonymous said...

These pictures are great. I love that pinhole effect too. Very jealous! Hope you have a great week :o)

Anonymous said...

*yay*! Fun photos!

Anonymous said...

Great loves :) Enjoy your Monday!!


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