my bathroom

i am so OBSESSED with my camera at the moment

i am snapping away like a crazy woman

lately i have noticed that the bathroom has lots of lovely natural light....

this is what followed... yep more pinhole

i just cant get enough of it

i am going to take photos is every room of the house... and outside...

how i am adoring photography, its so nice to have a little bit of passion for something.  I wish it was sewing or something crafty, or making jewelry.  But photos will do.  Its making me happy and that is all that really matters!

the window
me and my pajamas
the window again
i love this lace
my little rose earrings

1 comment:

Margaret Tran said...

Oh wow - I have a pair of rose earrings just like that! Do continue with photography and don't underestimate it in its ability to capture beauty - I'm extremely very partial to photos myself :)

Hope all is well!

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