baby steps - quit smoking phase 1

ok so i told myself last night that today was the day to stop smoking....  eeeeeeeek! 
i am doing well so far but i have been at work, i never smoke a work.  Now that i am home the real challenge sets in.  Its all i have been thinking about for the last hour.  And i think i may have replaced cigarettes with food.... been eating like a crazy woman!  

Little thoughts are creeping into my mind.. such as
1.  This can be cut down week
2.  Maybe i should try and have just one a day
3.  Perhaps i shouldn't buy cigarettes and smoke other peoples

its 5.57 pm and i am so close to being a non-smoker for 24hours
or should i be rejoicing that i have cut down from half a pack to just one??
Both worthy accomplishments in my mind..

Definitely leaning towards cut down week, how can i give up cold turkey...??
i need a plan of attack
be strong and think of all the money i will save

i hope tomorrow i am on my path to being a non-smoker
actually if i really think about it i feel a little bit better already
send me lots of positive vibes peoples

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