success - day one over

i made it to my second day of not smoking
i cant believe how much i am thinking about stupid cigarettes
we went out for dinner last night
to prevent having a smoke i had to stay inside, not have a glass of wine and i came home to my house instead at staying at bf.  Bit extreme i think, but i guess its working so far.
Apparently the first 3 days are the hardest. 
Ahhhh still got two crappy days to go.

in other news
my poor cosrard got into the wandering jew
he is so terribly allergic to it
his belly is fire engine red and the scratching is constant

i have a little project i am going to start
to help me with the quit smoking thing
its a bit silly but should be a bit of fun
its thursay
so close to the weekend
but a little to far away to get excited

i found this lovely little flickr photostream - melkore314
i really like his holga set

1 comment:

tschitschi said...

hang in there, it does get easier!

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