i thoughts

i love - my iPhone photo apps. I keep finding new ones that are pretty amazing. My newest addition is Picture Show

i dislike - deadlines and due dates

i want to achieve - something constructive before i head off to work

i am listening to - unkle heaven

i am craving - a wonderful, amazing cup of fresh coffee 

i want forever - 
happy days and a lot of love

i wish* - i could be a little bit more productive, a little bit happier and a little bit more carefree. My wishy washy future options are getting me down big time..... i wish for happy thoughts.

i am happy - for early morning overseas phone calls. Miss you so much dear friends. 

i want to buy - all of these beautiful calanders paperboatpresseye poetrypolaroid-calendarwhimsical-daydreamslolas-room

*Oh dear i sound so sad.... i needed to get the negative out of me and into the big www...  I have to keep remembering - It is not a bad life, it is just a bad day.


urban muser said...

the picture show app is a good one. i haven't used it in a while, i'll have to go back to it this week.

katsicles said...

How exciting - Who did you hear from today?
There's no use worrying about the future when you never know what 's around the corner anyway. It always works itself out in the end. (something I have trouble remembering myself)
I think I can arrange an awesome cup of coffee for you next time you pop in :)
Hope there are sunny days ahead for you lovely, sending love your way xx

Home is where the ❤ is said...

I am so in love with that eye poetry calendar. I must have it!! Eye poetry, how perfect is that name! Love...love...love indeed. Wishing you many many many happy days ahead (and there will be...promise). alison x

Lyndall said...

I love taking photos on the iPhone too! I've been playing around with Hipstamatic today just for fun.

Hope you have lots of happy days coming your way soon ♥

ally said...

I think we all want happy days and love - hope they are coming your way

katsicles said...

p.s. i wish I could pack you in my bag to Queensland… how small can you curl up? It would help if you were double jointed ;)

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