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I am rarely hungry and when i am i know that food is just around the corner. I never have to worry about my next meal.

I came across the free rice website again today, and i figure i should do it for real this time. I often have idle time online (pinning, blogging, editing photos, Facebook, Flickr.... it is an endless list really).  Five minutes a day is not much, when the befits are food for hungry, poor people. 

If you would like to help feed some of the hungriest and poorest people you can click the link and play a game. 

My free rice group 

For every correct answer 10 grains of rice are donated to the world food program. 

It does not sound like much, but i figure every little bit helps.

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katsicles said...

Just played and donated 1,100 grains of rice.
I think that's about a mouthful - one of mine at least ;)
If I'm wasting time at least i know it's going towards a good cause.
Thanks for letting me know about it xx

kate said...

I joined your group, bookmarked the homepage and have donated about 500 grains of rice so far. Thanks for the reminder of this great site.

It's much easier than I remembered.

Anika said...

Going to the link...haven't heard of it before. thanks!

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