Diana Mini Love

 Photos i love from my first ever Diana Mini experience.

Film is awesome! I could edit digital photos all day and still get nothing close to what my little Diana is capable of.


It is frustrating getting back dark and grainy photos, it is completely my fault.... Bad choice of film for the conditions and i keep forgetting to change setting! My digital friend has made me so lazy.

Last night i came across some wonderful tips on a flickr discussion, apparently i am not alone in trying to master the Diana Mini.

Roll #2 is coming. Its developed and i am pleased, very please.... With two shots... Prepare to be bombarded with lomo photos for the next few month, or years...

I think i finally have a full blown hobby.

Photography i love thee.

Camera: Diana Mini
Film: X-Pro Slide 200
Location: Home sweet home. My ma's backyard.

P.S my lomo finally has photos in it


katsicles said...

Very cool!
Can't wait to see what else you have in store for us xx

Marta said...

Simply amazing!!!

I really love the first and last photo because of the bright light and colours. And also the second one, it's like velvet!
I really like film, it has a better texture (this kind of grain) than the "metallic" texture of digital photography.

Great work! Take care*

Bengts fotoblogg said...

Very nice, great photos.

LB said...

These are excellent photos. Really beautiful. I have a Diana and a Holga and they like to sit on my shelf and intimidate me. I pick them up every now and again but you're right, our digital friends make us lazy, so, so lazy.

Anonymous said...

your photos are always so lovely to look at. i love what you come up with and these are beautiful plus!! your camera is adorable!!

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