Daphne #1

I am having very mixed feeling about my first ever roll out of Miss Daphne. They are all over the place.... I think i need to do some reading.

And why do my prints have big black strips down the side? I had to crop everything... Annoying.

I need a Melbourne developer that can take good care of my babies.

Camera: Diana Mini
Film: Slide/ x-pro 200 (big mistake)

Cue grainy and dark photos.

I do love a few.

Learning film again is going to be harder than i anticipated! But it is oh so fun.


urban muser said...

hey, these look great! would love to see a closer view of some of them. i blogged about film today too. great minds think alike...:)

Andrea said...

they do look fantastic! :)

Lyndall said...

I think they look really nice! I love all of the ones of the sky and flowers~

I've heard Diana cameras can be kinda temperamental... that's one of the reasons I haven't got one yet. But you can get some really good effects!

Penny said...

I had a Holga some years ago- i thought it was difficult to handle and my pictures were bad quality and blurry so I was disappointed by myself for being so lousy and I gifted it!This year I got a Diana F+ and I just developed my first film as well and I was so satisfied!The colours are amazing!
Your pictures are so pretty and seeing them in a collage makes them even prettier!Can you suggest any good site with advice and techniques but not overwhelming? (I know lomography is about being free but some tips can help no?:$)

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