study break

I need a little break from educational theory, just for a minute.  Today has been a day of learning and trying to slot myself into what kind of teacher i want to become.  I must say as confusing and complected and intertwining that pedagogy theories are, i love it!  I could read this stuff all day.  About how happiness in schools promotes a wonderful learning environment, how community spirit is the center of a well run school, how teaching is not telling, how students are precious little souls that need nurturing and guiding through an awfully awkward time of life.

I liked school.  I was kind of smart. I had friends. SRC representative.  And still i look back on that time as not that great.  It was just weird, i had no idea of the person that i wanted to become.  I cant remember very much actually, i am a very different person to that girl.  High school is just pretty horrible.  It probably didn't help that i was rather plump but that is a whole another story.  All I have to say is thank you Mr Atkins... yep... i lost 25kg.  

High school memories:
- Scrunchies 
- The jeans that were super silky
- Denim overalls 
- Purple Doc Martins
- Frizzy hair 

What a big waffle that turned out to be! 

The essay is calling.  

Some philosophy for you to ponder, i love it.  This one is going into the essay.

"No one is born fully-formed: it is through self-experience in the world that we become what we are." 
— Paulo Freire


two birds said...

whoever said that the high school years are the best years of your life must not have a very good life! also, i was at H&M last night, and they were selling scrunchies. great post!

Alli said...

A teacher is such an important job. I think it's awesome that you are choosing to be a teacher and I love that you get to choose which style of teaching will influence you. How fun!

urban muser said...

overalls-yes! doc martens-double yes! love the quote at the end.

Lyndall said...

I had a dress made out of that silky denim. I think it was called 'tencel'!

I love this post! I think with this attitude you will be a great teacher!

rosieposie said...

i have such a mixed attitude towards high school. i had a nasty break up at the end from a 3 (and a fourth messy year) relationship, and was very ill in yr 11, so i tend to look back in quite a negative way, but actually there were lots of fun times and good memories.

not long until you're all finished for this semester now :-D


ps yay to art swap inspiration!

Neus said...

We are studying almost the same these days, I'm a school psychologist, and I have soon an important exam. So I spend all my day with education theories too!
I go back to study again...

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