my moments

These have been a few of my moments from the last week.
Leaves against a cloudy sky.
My loves tattoo peaking out from his top, can you tell what it is?
The view out my front door.

Random thought.
Today I was forced to drink black coffee.
I liked it.
Why has it never occurred to me to omit the milk?
I wonder what other greatness i am missing out on....

Linking up with Pasando to share some iphone photo love


Anika said...

Beautiful shots!

Love the contrast of that first image, a Buddha??, and love that last one too with that intense pop of color (makes me curious, do tell!)

Always happy to see you stop by and link up, love your shots :)

camaca said...

this contrast, and the clouds… amazing

amberlee said...

Thanks ladies, your kind words really do make me smile.
Yep it is a huge Buddah that covers his whole belly. And i used an image sampler app for the last shot, the red is a plant with some bricks around it. In real life it is really ugly!! I love that this photo makes it kind of pretty.

Lyndall said...

Lovely pictures!

I started drinking black coffee recently too... It's nice! I don't really like milk (and soy milk in coffee just doesn't taste right) so this might be a good way to go! I always think of Twin Peaks: 'Agent Cooper likes his coffee black...'

katerina-83 said...

Love your shots. So very talented my dear.
The new header is lovely too.
So enjoy popping in to see what you have to share each day xox

urban muser said...

loving these shots. your header looks great too!

Penny said...

i spent one week indoors concentrating on revision so at some point I also had to go without milk in coffee!i dont know if it was great but certainly I didnt deteste it :P
how is your numbers project going?
have a nice week!

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