ott = over the top

its a common problem of mine. i get really inspired and do things sporadically with all my heart.

i am a very passionate person and i think i go way, way, way over the top sometimes.

or am i paranoid that my efforts are not received as i had hoped ?

that my efforts are seen as weird/ott/unusual/not necessary/annoying...

i do things that i would like done for me, maybe that is the wrong way to go about things?  But what other way is there?  

'do unto others as you would have done unto you' i have heard this a thousand times from ma, pa and nan.

ahhh it does my head in sometimes, all this thinking and over analysing that ends in worry, self destruction and that 'i am stupid' sinking stomach, want to crawl into a hole feeling.

sometimes i wonder why i bother, or maybe i should just not over think it...

so many things to ponder.

stupid exam marking is calling me. pretty over it. meh.


jody said...

I am not really sure i understand what has happened.. but i think you should re read your last post...
remember its not as bad as you think, tomorrow is a new day!
I hope tomorrow is better for you my friend and you get that couch time you are longing. xx

rosieposie said...

i always always overthink things too. i think your post above was a great idea, i almost did a similar one myself the other day...just sorting your head out and figuring out whats bothering you.

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