f ur blog

My love is a huge graffiti fan. Sometimes we randomly do a little walk along the train line to look at the new pieces. This one caught my eye....

Fuck ur blog!!!

Excuse me?  My blog? My little cosrard and pen pen?

I could not stop laughing.

I think my love could understand completely.

Me..... Obsessed with my blog....? Never!  

Are we bloggers really that annoying?

I must admit i talk about my little slice of the internet a lot...

Oh well this is my outlet, my space and i love it.

So, this is all i have to say to you Mr blog hater - fuck ur graffiti.

Ahhhhh feels good to get that out.

xx a

p.s sorry about the multiple pics of the one shot. i love editing and i couldn't choose just one.  so many wonderful options.  i think i like the first one the most... or the last one...

Is the f word too much? personally i don't mind it.  


katsicles said...

HAHAHAHA!!! - maybe the partner of a blogger?

The top one reminds me of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air very 80's/90's - but the brightness of the lower one appeals to me too.
Hmm i find it hard to chose between options as well. Both are great x

Anika said...


Marta said...

I wish I'm not that annoying with my little blog thing.
Anyway, the graffiti is really cool, love this bubblegum pink!

p.s. thanks for encouraging us with our challenge!

rosieposie said...

sometimes i read something like this or an article slating blogging and it does make me question it, and whether its self indulgent etc...but what it comes down to is I love posting, I love sharing bits of my life, and it helps me sort my head out each day and feel positive. it's also great to find other people's blogs and the bloggers themselves who are akin to you!!

i love your blog, your thoughts, your quotes etc. so definitely not fuck your blog!!

urban muser said...

Love ur blog!

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