much love monday

- i much love that i am going to be a Aunty to precious little Junior. Safe travels into this world little person.  I can not wait to meet you

- i much love doing baby bump photo shoots

- i much love amazing photographers that give me inspiration and pretty things to feast my eyes on

- i much love this photothis photothis photo and this photo

linking up with muchlove-anna

xx a


jody said...

ah that is so exciting, congratulations! I love the photos! x

Sam Findlay said...

These photos are gorgeous! Congrats on being an aunt, its the best!

Lola said...

I found you through Much Love Monday and am so happy I did. I'm following you here too. Congratulations on becoming an aunt. -Lola at Dreaming in a Fishbowl Dream Journal and Dharma Killed Dogma Buddhist Blog

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