it is tuesday

I am so over being home and looking after Ma.

Does that make me a bad daughter?

It's not that i don't like Ma (she is annoying and really gets to me sometimes) but more that i miss my Melbourne life and my love. 

I have been out of home since i was 18.  It is so hard living back here.  

Breathing helps and wine, lots of wine.  

A few little photos 

- Prickly pears 
- Setting sun 
- Sweet Penelope
- I love my rose plate 
- Apple halves 

xx a

p.s i hate tuesdays, just because


yours truly. said...

these photos are really great! the apple halves in particular. stick in there with your ma, your doing the right thing and you'll be glad about that one day xx

yours truly. said...

*you're -- how embarassing! i'm so scared of grammar nazis. hahah

Anika said...

It is really hard to go back sometimes. But you will be happy you had this time looking back...good that your can enjoy the simple things while there like taking these great photos!
I was going to recommend wine, glad you're already on that tip ;)
Hang in there!

rosieposie said...

it absolutely doesn't make you a bad daughter. i love my mum dearly and get on with her really well ~ but living under the same roof is very difficult! i need my independence and control. small dosages are better of parents!
hope she is doing ok, and hope you're ok. sending love and hugs to you both, and take your time replying to the email :-) xx

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