much love monday

Taken by satomi 

How beautiful is this photograph?  I am in love with its feminine feel.  

This week i much love

- Lunch dates in the city with fabulous friends 
- UNKLE!  They were amazing live on Friday night.  See my favorite song here
- All things meaty, i am having crazy cravings the last few days (i am cooking meatballs.....)
- Day dreaming and watching clouds

For more much love goodness go to muchlove-anna


Catherine Denton said...

That photo is gorgeous!

Something must be in the air because my vegetarian daughter has been craving meat for the first time in almost two years. Maybe it's all the rain?
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Penny said...

I also love taking pictures of clouds!there is always sth very dramatic in these shapes! have a great start of the week!

Ola said...

It looks like happy 70's:)

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