i love that i have people in my life that are super supportive and so very kind. Thank you dear Karly for my 'congratulation on quiting smoking for two weeks plus' flowers.  Too sweet x

i admire dedication  

i dislike my headache.  Please go away soon, i need to concentrate and study.

i want to achieve believing in myself more often.  Sometimes i take the route of self pity and misery.  I can do it and i am good enough! 

i am reading blogs and uni notes.... not The Diary of Anne Frank like i am supposed to be for bookclub

i am craving a sleep in, mums lamb roast, watching a good movie and a lazy weekend.

i want to change the mess around the house, it stresses me out.  Why oh why am i so messy?  

i want for tomorrow a surprise 

i want forever to be healthy

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