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i am going to start doing a list of my favourite things every now and then, this week i am adoring these things.

I have pretty long hair and although i live with my hairdresser (aka baby bro) it hasn't been cut for about a year.  Moroccanoil  does all kinds of wonderful for split ends and dry hair and it smells amazing!  My hair is so much softer and healthier, thank you dear mococcanoil (nope they are not paying me, i just love it!)

This  etsy shop has cute up cycled cups and plates.  They always make me smile and laugh, some are a little crude but still very lovely.  This one best describes me: have a look here and how i adore this little set of seven virtues.

i am a little obsessed with lomo photos of sunset and clouds lately... not sure if its the pretty colours, or the romance... anyway i adore them and this website has over 16,000 of them for me to waste hours looking through!  I am loving this photo website way, way, way more than flickr.  So many talented people from all over the world.  Only problem is that i don't have a Diana mini yet... :(  But i am working on it.  In a few weeks with my money saved from not smoking I should be able to get one.  I cant wait!

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Penny said...

do you shot all the pictures in your blog? really nice!
ps)I love lomography as well- i used to have a holga but was too difficult to use ( develop the film and all) so I gave it to a friend!

Anonymous said...

Lots of beneficial reading here, thanks! I had been browsing on yahoo when I uncovered your submit, I’m going to add your feed to Google Reader, I look forward to more from you.

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