just what i need

from pinterest look here

from pinterest have a look

Today I found a new love!

Its like weheartit.com but nicer, and better, and not all pink, and not just photographs, and you can have your own pinboards!  

It is truly amazing.  There are lovely little categories like science and nature, DIY, people, prints, kids, gifts and heaps more.

Where has it been all my blogging life??

But i am devastated to find that i need to request an invitation.... all i have so far is an email to say thank you for joining the waiting list,  its making me angry and frustrated.....

It better be very special, because it is not exactly what I need right now.

Another online trawling option to 'productively search for inspiration for my creative outlet' aka 'wasting study time looking for pictures to make my blog pretty'   


Yay for Friday tomorrow

xx a

p.s i am really behind in my numbers..... its making me very sad

1 comment:

Maxabella said...

I love pininterest. If I can figure out how, I will send you the invite!! x

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