day 29

29 days a non smoker

Day twenty nine is made from lolly sour strap things my bro got for easter (he is not a fan of chocolate..WEIRD).  I like the colours and they are so very tasty.  I tried so hard to put them back in the jar but these poor babies got gobbled up after half an hour of hard resistance.  I am becoming the biggest sweet tooth, its so strange because I have always preferred savory.  I am not sure if I have my appitett back or if everything tastes better... perhaps both? 

Anyway as a direct result of my new found love of all things sugar I have gained a few kg..  Might leave the rest of this story for another day.  I have a plan.... well more like an strict operation.  'Fat and happy' keeps fighting its way into my head....  amongst 'just one more lindt ball cant hurt'.... and 'better eat you all up today so your not hanging around for tomorrow'.  Goodness I am having a few temptation and control issues...  
Its shower time, then bed time.  Stinky work tomorrow : (  

Sweet dreams xx

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Anonymous said...

Very nice post.)) i love it.))♥

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