i love music.  i am reconnecting with bands i once loved (bat for lashes) and finding delightful new music (Alexander, holly throsby)

i admire  goodness, the kind that makes people do things for other people for no reason.  Just cause they want to.

i dislike that i forgot about my tea... its cold 

i want to achieve finishing this dip ed without a major breakdown

i am reading The diary of Anne Frank (actually i am supposed to be reading it but i haven't gotten a copy yet.  lazy)

i am craving so many things. Since i have stopped smoking all i want to do is eat, mainly carbs and fatty food.  Also craving a Diana mini, lomography is calling me    

i want to change my hair.  baby bro is going to give me a shoulder bob!  eeeeeekkk its super long atm.  but i am excited for the change.  i need it 

i want for tomorrow to finish my second assignment

i want forever love, love and more love 

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