Alexander - Truth

me, my baby bro and my sweet went to have dinner with my middle bro last night
on the drive two songs came on the radio (JJJ) that i have been trying to get the name of for ages
it is a thing that frustrates me often
sometime i get the name and try my hardest to remember but forget
sometimes i miss it altogether

but alas my little bro pulled out his iphone and made a little magic happen...
it can tell you what song is playing, how amazing is that application!!!
maybe i should get an iphone...

how i am in sweet, sweet love with this song
it is beautiful and amazing 
please do you little ears a favor and have a listen 
dear Alexander how i adore you
you are making my day so blissful 

I've grown up some.  Different kind of fighter.  And when the darkness come let it inside you.  
Your darkness is shining.  My darkness is shining.  Have faith in myself. Truth

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