not so happy monday

just needed to vent about my frustrations at life today
i got up early to get into my lesson for tomorrow and i had to clean up for ages because Penny had done a giant wee on the mat that went all the way through to the carpet and then Cosbe vomited twice!
Then i heard Penny in the wandering jew so i had to fix the temporary fence to keep them out
I finally got some of my lesson planned then my head started thumping...
Off to work i went
Head ache got pretty bad, the kind that makes you nauseous
So now i am at home ....  with a massive headache
The computer screen is making it worse, think i might lay down for halfa.
Not a very productive day at all, i hate this feeling
I had the best intentions and it all turned to crap
I want my happy monday back
i really like this print, maybe a bird in my heart is what i need

"I'd rather have a little bird in my heart"

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