i love that little feeling that i will survive this semester.  I finally have some faith in myself

i admire all the mums on my uni forum, i can barely cope with the workload looking after myself and the dogs...  They must be super women, sooooo much admiration. 

i dislike how messy my house is all the time.  Anyone would think i didn't clean but i do, all the time.  I cant get on top of it or maybe i am a really untidy person.  I do leave a trail behind me.  Must learn to put things back in there place. 

i want to achieve calmness

i am reading uni notes and blogs... No time for a book at the moment.  And it seems bookclub is going to miss a month :( 

i am craving a real coffee and a ham/cheese toasted sandwich 

i want to change not a lot, for some reason i am feeling rather content...

i want for tomorrow a lot of love

i want forever to be happy.  So simple but so true

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